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DUMBLDORE : ingredients : spearmint, rooibos, nettle leaf, lemon peel, calendula petals, natural lemon flavours

GOLDEN SNITCH : Sencha green, Oolong, ginger pieces, lemon myrtle, lemon grass, calendula petals, vanilla bean, natural vanilla flavouring

POTIONS : Ingredients : Ceylon black tea, Rooibos, sunflower petals, calendula petals, apple and butterscotch pieces, almond slices, apples pieces, rosehips, orange pieces, hibiscus, and natural vanilla, strawberry & lemon flavours.

THE DARK MARK : Ingredients : Luxury black tea blend (pu'erh, nilgiri, assam, sriLankan, fugian, lapsang), fenugreek


$9.10 / 50 gram

Keeper, Seeker, Chasers – which one are you?

Ingredients : Luxury Assam tea, luxury green tea, luxury African tea, cloves, cinnamon, orange peel, blackberry, cornflower petals, mallow blossoms, natural caramel & maple flavour.

Fly up high. Chase the Snitch. Score a goal.

Don’t fall off your broom !!!

Let this tea take you high out above the pitch.

Dream a little and become the greatest Quiddich player of your time. Maybe even better than Victor Krum!


$9.10 / 50 gram

"Eternal glory! That's what awaits the student who wins the Triwizard Tournament, but to do this, that student must survive three tasks. Three extremely dangerous tasks."

—Albus Dumbledore

Ingredients : Luxury black tea, Calendula petals, sunflower petals, Cornflower petals, Mallow blossoms, Hazelnut extract, cardamom, cloves, pepper, cinnamon and ginger.

Do you have what it takes to win the cup?

Even watching the tasks can be a horrifying event.

Drink this tea and buck-up your courage.

You’re going to need it!


$9.10 / 50 gram

That is absolutely barbaric !

That’s Wizard Chess.

Ingredients : Kenya broken pekoe, Assam, top quality Kenya green, luxury African tea, elderberries, lavender flowers, rosemary leaves, pink pepper, cornflowers, safflower.

The exotic natural flavour and astringency of the tea leads to a complex depth, just like the game you are trying to win.

Wizard Chess, although played with the same rules as Muggle Chess, takes the game to a whole new level with it’s active chess pieces. There are no “take backs” in this game, you move, you lose, your piece is dead!

Drink this tea, keep a clear head and play with brilliance !



$9.10 / 50 gram

Are you up for it?

Ingredients : luxury black teas, luxury African tea, Yerba, almond pieces, chocolate pieces, cocoa pieces, natural & artificial flavours.

A new quest has come in for you.

You are tired from your last quest, it was very harrowing.

While sipping this tea to clear your thoughts and boost your lagging energy you review the new quest.

Seems simple enough, only a slight hint of danger...

You hope.


$11.65 / 50 gram

A complicated, dramatic blend to boost and relax.

Ingredients : Exotic white tea, Luxury green tea, vanilla bean, grenadine, calendula flowers, sunflower petals, bourbon vanilla

This special little concoction is conjured up to help perfect your abilities and renew your spirit.

Nothing can stand in your way after drinking this tea!

Mind, body, spirit; all work as one on a level of comprehension like you have never known.

No problem is too great. No horde unstoppable. No treasure unattainable.

You can do it ! Brew and drink this tea whenever you feel like your force is running low.


$9.10 / 50 gram

Intense and flavourful; a strong pick me up.

Ingredients : Luxury Smoked tea, Luxury Black tea, hot Peppers, Chocolate

Into the dragon’s world! No slayer can perform their duties without the unique abilities of this tea to transport you into the dragon realm and mind.

Smokey and hot, this tea takes you to the world where smoke and fire reign supreme.

Can you succeed in your quest?

Can you slay the dragon?

YES YOU CAN!; with the help of this unique tea.


$9.10 / 50 gram

Surprising body and captivating floral character; rejuvenating and elegant.

Ingredients : Luxury green tea, Jasmine, Mate

As breathtaking as the morning sun this tea works it’s magic to renew the body and soothe the mind.

It’s elegant jasmine note will bring a clear mind ready to ponder the most complex problems over the multitude of timelines.

No time traveller or master of their craft would ever be caught without this tea.

Time travel takes its toll on the body and this tea will help you restabilize.


$14.30 / 50 gram

Clear and pale with a mind refreshing aroma and taste.

Ingredients : Exotic white tea, Lavender

This blend is delicate and subtle but powerfully refreshing.

This boost is short-lived but enables clarity of thought to balance mind and body.

You must have clarity of the mind in order to proceed in your quest and win the prize.

Make the right people happy and Mana is your reward.

Use it wisely as it is rare and hard to come by; bestowed only upon those who prove themselves worthy.


$9.10 / 50 gram

A bracing Highlander’s cup of tea; full bodied, flavourful, a real metabolic booster.

Ingredients : Luxury Strong black English tea, Mate

When you need to fight you need courage to face your fears. This tea can give you the kick you need to keep going. Fight with the Gods or against them, the choice is yours.

Do not remain a clueless, helpless mortal.

Vampires, werewolves and things that go bump in the night.

With this tea you can reign supreme over them all and save the world.


$9.10 / 50 gram

You’ve been bitten!

Ingredients : luxury African tea, apple pieces, Hibiscus petals, Rosehip pieces, orange pieces, papaya pieces, pineapple pieces, rosehips, dried black currants, rose leaves, lavender, raisins, dried red currants, rose petals, dried blueberries.

This tea is refreshing and gives you some spunk, you’re going to need it now that you’ve been bitten.

You are now stronger than the average human and the towns folk now fear your every move.

You are in control, but barely, battling over and over the thirst you now have.

You are now in an endless combat with you were, how you are and who you want to be.

Drink this tea to help quench the thirst.


$9.10 / 50 gram

A most flavourful blend, dramatic combination helps the body feel new, a particularly satisfying cup of tea.

Ingredients : Luxury green tea, vanilla, grenadine, calendula, sunflower


Quick drink this tea.

Do you feel it?

That is your gift of second wind. You can proceed further now and conquer more levels.

This tea is coursing through your body and lifting the veil of heaviness that has been weighing you down.

You feel light and free, able to take on the world!

Easy does it, slow and steady wins the race with your very own second wind tea.


$9.10 / 50 gram

A clear bright cup of tea that bites back!

Ingredients : Luxury black tea, Exotic African tea, hot peppers, orange pieces, blackberry leaves, safflowers, vanilla, ginger, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon.

Breathe of fire and dragon strength!

This tea will burn its way to your soul.

Cast out ills and give you the strength needed to deal huge damage to your targets.

This tea builds a fire within you that can rival the strongest opponent or creature.

Your magic shines and your strength is unbeatable.

You have the power!

No cold or advancing army will conquer you.


$9.10 / gram

Wildly exotic blend that is unbelievably delicious.

Ingredients : Luxury black tea, pear, caramel, raisins, apples, rosehips, orange, hibiscus, calendula

Immortality is your destiny!

Only you can survive.

Only you can win.

Only you can lead.


There can be only one.

Are you the one?

This tea will bring youthful exuberance and refreshing memories.

To the victor goes the spoils and this tea is the Ambrosia of Life!

TREKS 50 - 2016

$8.50 / 50 gram

Ingredients : Luxury black tea, Exotic African tea, orange peels, mate, calendula petals, mint.

This tea boldly goes where no other tea has gone before.

Explore a new galaxy of flavours in this unique custom blend. Bold flavour of orange with luxury teas gives the drinker an excellent adventure in tea sipping.

The last frontier? No but it will definitely tantalize your taste buds and make you want to explore the world of tea even further.

Go boldly tea adventurer, go BOLDLY !