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Yes, we do that here, by appointment 


(a.k.a. tasseomancy or tassology) is a divination method that interprets patterns in tea leaves.

The terms derive from the French word tasse (cup),

which in turn derives from the cognate Arabic word tassa,

and theGreek suffixes -graph (writing),

-logy (study of), and -mancy (divination).

Divination attempts to gain insight into the natural world

through intuitive interpretation.

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To have your tea leaves read

4th generation

she’s kinda scary and crazy weird accurate

people keep coming back for more

she must be doing something right 

Our Reader doesn't sugar coat

She tells it like she sees it

Our reader offers 2 kinds of readings:

mini introductory

approx. 10-15 minutes


full detailed reading

approx. 30-60 minutes


appointments take place at :

Tea Connection

15b King Street East, Chatham